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prenatal support + birth plan preparation

  • On-going phone support throughout your pregnancy to answer any questions or concerns that you have

  • Access to my body preparation guide, Supporting Arms booklet, and referral list

  • Two in-person meet-ups for us to get to know one another and talk in depth about your birth preferences and create your birth plan. You may not know exactly how you envision your labor or birth to go and that is fine! We will talk through each of your options together. Maybe you are wanting more in-person support and more meet-ups. We can make that happen! This is your time with me to discuss anything you would like. I want to support you through your unique needs in order to be an trusted asset to your birth team

  • I go on-call for your birth starting at 37 weeks gestation. This means I do not go within a 2 hour radius from your birth location. I have methods that go into place to ensure I do not miss your call alerting me labor has begun. I take this into consideration when booking to ensure I am available for each client (we can go over more of what on-call life looks like for me during our consultation) 

labor support

  • I am available to support you the moment you inform me labor as began. I will come to your home during early labor or will meet you when you decide it is time to head to your birth location. This is another great example of how Doula work is not one size fits all care- I follow you and your partners lead!

  • Labor support will look a variation of the following: hands-on partner support (helping partner learn to help you), pain management (water therapy, counter-pressure, massage, etc.) assisting with your body position to encourage baby's decent, utilizing birthing tools (birthing balls, peanuts, bars, Rebozo), helping preserve your birth environment to keep Oxytocin flowing, working alongside other staff and family members present, and being an advocate for you, your body, and your partners personal birth choices. It is impossible to list all of the ways Doula's offer support during labor because every birth is different + every woman gives birth differently! Woman-led birthing is intuitive and so is Doula work

  • Once baby is in your arms, I stay for a few hours to ensure you have everything you need. This time looks different for every family, but I will offer as much or as little support that is needed ensuring to leave you + your family plenty of privacy with your new babe

postpartum support

  • Postpartum support truly is in a category of it's own. Pregnancy, birth and the early days of child rearing can be emotional and stressful. My role is to ensure you get the best information and care possible. This time is 100% customizable to your own physical and emotional needs and your own family dynamic. I come take care of you, so you can care for baby.

  • This may look like a combination of the following: discussing and processing the events during labor and birth with you, breastfeeding support, holding baby so you can rest + shower, bringing a hot meal or coffee, giving your other children + pets love and attention, postpartum healing support, doing household chores, bottle preparation, and just coming into your home with completely open arms to give you grace during this transition

  • If anything should arise that is out of my scope of practice, I will assist in finding a trusted referral

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